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Absolutely driven to get aid to the people who need it most

For more than 30 years, Move One has successfully provided logistics support to some of the most challenging, remote and turbulent regions. With operations in the Middle East, Africa, East Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia we can provide the necessary experience, local knowledge and resources to execute any logistics project.

Operating in business cultures and regions that seem to make the cost of doing business prohibitive, Move One ensures that safety, compliance and ethics remain at the forefront of our operations. Therefore, ensuring the long-term success of any client's project(s). Our ability to operate in austere environments is unmatched.

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Humanitarian Aid and Development

Logistics is at the heart of all emergency operations.

Managing humanitarian logistics is complex given the time-critical and often chaotic nature of the events, emotions, and lack of reliable infrastructure and information. This is where Move One stands out.

Move One understands that around 2/3 of funding in every emergency is spent on logistics. We ensure that money is not only well spent but that the aid gets to the people who need it and as quickly as possible.

Our rapid deployment teams ensure that we are on the ground first and that we establish a reliable and accurate flow of information. Our 24-7 control center ensures that our air and surface charter operations integrate with our global humanitarian aid partners to get goods moving as quickly as possible.

Our recent Ukraine response highlights the true nature of how quickly we can move and how we are able to rapidly ramp up operations. Learn more about our humanitarian aid, development and disaster relief services.


Emergency Response

  • Rapid deployment of staff and assets
  • 24/7 control tower support (Africa, Europe, CIS and Middle East)
  • Extensive charter experience and multilingual staff positioned in Africa, Middle East, CIS, East Europe and the Balkans

Project management

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Warehouse acquisition and management
  • Staging and strategic supply depots
  • Cold chain capabilities
  • Procurements solutions
  • Inland and domestic trucking

In-Country Logistics

  • Turn-key warehouse setup and management
  • Extensive experience in planned and ad hoc solutions
  • Vetting, managing and auditing of local providers
  • Staging and domestic storage hubs

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Since 1992 we’ve been providing unrivaled logistics, moving, and global mobility solutions. Reputation is everything, yours and ours.

Providing creative compliant solutions and delivering them on budget every time. This is our passion and what drives us every day.

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