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International Courier

Sending small packages and time-critical shipments has become routine for Move One.

Move One represents UPS as the ASC (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Chad and Niger) ensuring their global network for time-critical shipments and freight reach some of the most remote and challenging addresses.

Move One has extensive experience in handling all types of goods and our on-the-ground experience ensures that our customers will have the visibility and guidance to effectively transit customs and delivery to even the most remote areas.


International Express Delivery

  • Ideal for documents and small packets
  • Fast delivery to major cities
  • Express service for urgent shipments
  • Timed deliveries available
  • Real-time audit trail - Electronic Proof of Delivery

Onboard Courier Service

  • Suitable for shipping small, time-critical or high-value packages
  • Courier-supervised delivery of shipments from pick-up to delivery location
  • Our staff highly trained in handling sensitive materials
  • Bespoke solutions available
  • Electronic proof of delivery

International Special Express

  • Specialise in bespoke or unusual shipments
  • Solutions for larger items or difficult freight
  • Offers specialist knowledge for imports and exports
  • Direct drive service for next day delivery within Europe
  • Dedicated team who manage shipments from start to finish

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Since 1992 we’ve been providing unrivaled logistics, moving, and global mobility solutions. Reputation is everything, yours and ours.

Providing creative compliant solutions and delivering them on budget every time. This is our passion and what drives us every day.

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