MoveOne Location in Cameroon

Address 1:

Rue Koloko – Bonapriso Yaounde, Cameroon

Address 2:

P23 SIC Rond-Point Express Yaounde, Cameroon

General enquiries

+23 59 000 0399

Quoting and rate coordination center

+971 4 438 5300

Whatever it takes

With its strategic position as the gateway to Central Africa for sea-freight, Douala has become a major transit and distribution hub for Move One.  Additionally, we have stood up offices in Youande in support of the large diplomatic presence.  Move One provides a wide array of services including exemption processing, air freight, ocean freight, inland haulage, cross border and domestic trucking, customs brokerage, export packing and secured warehousing.

  • Road, Rail, River, and International Logistics, Warehousing
  • Vaccine and Cold Chain Logistics
  • Visa & Immigration Services
  • Relocations and Moving Services
  • Working Dogs & Family Pet Shipping

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