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Dostyk Avenue 134, Office #108 Business Center "Pioneer-2" 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan

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+7 727 313 0758

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+7 727 313 0759

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+971 4 438 5300

Whatever it takes

The largest and most economically advanced of the CIS states, Kazakhstan is home to Move One's most robust presece in the region. Here we provide a very wide range of services to a wide range of client types, who operate in an even wider range of domestic goegraphies. From Oil and Gas operations in the far West, to diplomatic clients in the capital Nur Sultan, to commercial clients in the bustling economic capital Almaty, Move One are a proven and long term partner to the largest and most experienced players. Move One provides a wide array of services including exemption processing, air freight, ocean freight, inland haulage, domestic trucking, customs brokerage, export packing and secured warehousing.

  • Road, Rail, River, and International Logistics, Warehousing
  • Vaccine and Cold Chain Logistics
  • Visa & Immigration Services
  • Relocations and Moving Services
  • Working Dogs & Family Pet Shipping

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